Light Eruption

GPS: 43.057071 -70.711974 Moody weather can make photographers happy. I love it when the sky opens up to spew unexpected light on a scene. Dramatic clouds tend to intensify the emotional appeal of an image, painting the sky in layers and splashes of color. I left my house in the wee hours to photograph sunrise […]

Pink Marsh

GPS: 41.818624 -69.959440 Cape Cod has many salt marshes. Centuries ago, these grasslands witnessed grazing cattle and salt production. Although the marshes have since receded, those that remain can make darn good photographic subjects. I travel to Cape Cod regularly for photography. One of the marshes I visit frequently is Nauset Marsh in Eastham, Massachusetts. […]

Point the Way

GPS: 44.295681 -72.307900 Groton State Forest in Vermont is an addictive destination. The forest includes a number of beautiful ponds and mountain vistas, ideal for photography. The area is photogenic year-round, but I most enjoy it in autumn and winter. I return to Kettle Pond time and time again. The pond runs east to west, […]

Homage to the Sun

GPS: 43.242788 -70.588945 Good nature photography is possible even amidst civilization. This image is a case in point, taken on the popular Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. The Marginal Way is a paved footpath on the coast that connects Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach. The key to photographing in congested areas is to limit the […]

On the Rocks

GPS: 41.451730 -71.400361 Beavertail Point lies on the southern tip of Conanicut Island, in Jamestown, Rhode Island. The point juts out in the open Atlantic Ocean, often enduring the power and fury of nature. This rocky location has been host to lighthouses since 1705. I love scenes like this, where the hand of man acts […]

Glacial Remnants

GPS: 41.610332 -70.651945 Although I was raised far from the coast, ocean scenes and bodies of water are among my all-time favorite subjects to photograph. I love the unpredictable moodiness of tides and the impact of long exposures on the water surface. This image was made on Cape Cod, on a small peninsula bearing the […]

Tree on Fire

GPS: 43.063639 -70.712624 Spanning a mere eighteen miles, New Hampshire has the smallest coastline of any coastal state in the United States. Its coastline may be tiny compared to its Maine neighbor, but the New Hampshire seacoast is no less photogenic. This image was made at Great Island Common in New Castle, New Hampshire, on […]

Bridge on a Hill

GPS: 44.423027 -72.267254 New England is full of covered bridges. But all too often, these historic structures are burdened with ugly telephone poles and utility cables. Consequently, few of the remaining bridges are photogenic. But the A.M. Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont, is a rare exception. The little bridge is a replica of the Martin […]